Hey! I’m Katie. I like to tell stories through photography & film.¬†I also love a healthy dose of competition, crafty & creative projects & my chacos. Most of all, I love adventures. God has created a huge world full of adventures & I want to experience as many as I can & see as much of his handiwork as possible!

I love to go to new places & experience new cultures, people, traditions & food. I don’t mind language barriers,¬†getting lost in strange cities, guessing what signs say or relying on strangers for help. I just love to travel & all its adventures!

Since starting this blog in 2008, I have travelled to 21 countries & lived in 4. I speak Albanian well & English even better! This blog is where I reflect on my adventures, travels, different cultural experiences & life in general.

I love all things social media so find me on Twitter & Instagram!